Friday, August 7, 2009

samsung lcd LA32A330 Cable Connetion Problem

Samsung lcd LA32A330 Lovers....

Hi Friends...
This blog is to help those who unable to connect their Pc to Samsung lcd LA32A330 tv..

I have tried many things to connect
my Pc to samsung lcd LA32A330 ..
Visited lots of sites.. But no use.. didn't get any valuable information..
Some one told that samsung lcd always like that.. ie ,it will not support all type of motherboard,so its not possible to connect it..But its not true from my experience.. Finlay i did it..

Most of then buying low quality vga cable , that's why its not working... Thats the Fact...

If you want to connect your
Pc to samsung lcd LA32A330 tv , buy one "High resolution vga(svga) cable.. It will cost around Rs.300.

Note:- Dont buy any low quality cable that will get you Rs.120(Will not going to work on your lcd tv)

This cable will be 6 feet long and thickness will be bigger than normal vga cable..

See the cable ->See that Pin difference:-
Note : See that pin, you will never see pin on 9th position...(so there will be totally 14 pin inside that plug)

Guys,it will work if you do like that...

Doubts clearing-


Never ever buy low Quality cable like (It will contain 15 pin inside that plug, normally used for connecting to CRT monitor,not for LCD)